"Dance is the real language of the soul of the body."

Martha Graham

Who & what: Alex Dance Studio is based in Hong Kong and offers dance classes for all age groups to people with or without prior dancing experience. Classes take place at different venues on Hong Kong and Lantau on a group or individual basis. Instructor Alexandra Sauvegrain trained as a professional classical ballet dancer in Switzerland and later specialized in modern jazz dance.

Alex Dance Studio's philosophy revolves around three core themes: technique, expression and musicality. Gradual appreciation of all three themes will help you develop your own joy of dancing and unlock your body's unrevealed potential.

Why choose dance over other workouts?: The practice of dance seeks to ignite precise movements and develop an awareness of every single muscle in your body while always bringing you back to centre. Dance is about mental and physical balance.


With gentle yet repeated effort, dance will help you release stress and express your body's feelings to a beat. It is the most complete of workouts with the additional benefit of being fun, graceful and physically and mentally empowering.

At the same time you will increase flexibility, strengthen your muscles and acquire a natural equilibrium that will support you amid the stresses of daily life.